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Career & Scope of Air Traffic Controller, Eligibility, Required Skills, Courses

Career in The Field of Air Traffic Controller, Scope, Nature of Work, Jobs, Eligibility Criteria Courses, Skills Needed & Tips in Urdu & English
The profession of air traffic controller, it is getting common these days. The importance of these air traffic control professionals, it cannot be denied. Do you know that how pilots know that none of the planes are coming in their way while they take off or land off, it is with the help of these officers. These officers guide the pilots that whether any plane is coming in between their path or not! These officers mainly control the traffic during taking off and landing off the planes. Do you also want to get posted on this job, here are the details for you:

Job Duties Performed by Air Traffic Controller Professionals
These air traffic control professionals, they issue instructions and guide about the landing off and too taking off modes. It is the duty of these officers to properly guide the pilots that at what time they can land and at what time they can take off their planes.

They monitor and keep a check on the aircraft movements. it is also the important duty of these air traffic control professionals to keep the pilot updated about the weather conditions.

Tasks Done by Air Traffic Control Professionals
These officers, they have to keep a regular check and a keen eye right on the ground and air traffic. Whatever traffic is present on the ground ports and whatever traffic is right there on the air in the form of planes, this monitoring process is done by these air traffic control men.

The communication which happens between these departing flights and pilots, the crew of plane and the rest of the staff, all of this coordination is maintained by these officers.

ATC Course
This is the ATC course which is linked to the subject profession. The candidates possessing the education qualification up to bachelors levels, they can enroll in the mentioned course.
The age limit is 21 to become the part of this course.

Air Traffic Controller Assistance Course
Then we have air traffic controller assistance course, those candidates who are available with the education qualification up to intermediate, they can enroll in this right one mentioned course.
The eligibility for this air traffic controller assistance course, your English language has to be up to the mark. This course will revolve around air traffic rules and aeronautical information service. You will learn the basics on flight information service, air navigation and knowledge on search and rescue as well as radio navigation and too air drum control service, it will be provided.

Eligibility Criteria 
The candidate has to belong to the BSc engineering field. And the candidate need to have a licence which is linked to the job line of commercial pilot. Inter education is a must. Those students who comes with the education background like bachelor in arts and bachelor in commerce, then they have to pass the entry test.

Important And Needed Skills
Knowledge on the handling and management of air vehicles.
Reading and understanding of flight plans.
Giving assistance to the pilots in a clear way.
Let us know that whether you like this profession of becoming an air traffic control officer or not. Now read more details about air traffic controller profession in Urdu language.

Career & Scope of Air Traffic Controller, Eligibility, Required Skills, Courses

Career & Scope of  Air Traffic Controller, Eligibility, Required Skills, Courses